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Our game-changing behavioral health platform helps you improve employee morale and productivity.

Can you afford to ignore the problem?

Lost Productivity

Productivity loss due to stress and mental health will cost businesses $16 trillion in the next decade.

Stressed Workers

91% of workers say stress negatively impacts the quality of their work.

Loss of Talent

68% of workers would not join a company which lacks a clear policy of mental health support.

Improved emotional well-being for better performance

Our platform empowers users to self-manage life challenges at any given moment. By being able to access a short video or interactive lesson within seconds, users can stop emotional stressors as they happen in real time.

Engaging Content

Relevant advice from licensed professionals and storytellers with shared life experiences to address immediate needs.

Master Sessions

Deep dive learning with subject matter experts to better understand the root cause of emotional stressors and behavior challenges.

Interactive Exercises

Designed by cognitive behavioral therapists to improve emotional intelligence and decision making.

User testimonials

Maria C.
Office Manager

This helped me learn to not take things personally and become a better communicator.

Catherine M.
Life Insurance Sales Rep

Not only did I watch these videos but I also had my teenage daughter watch them as well as my direct reports.

Fernando H.
Supply Chain Manager

This is awesome! It is much more relevant than what my company currently offers!

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