We believe there is a better way forward.

We provide human resource leaders a third-party solution that meets their employees' needs professionally and personally.

Designed to improve performance

Me Tyme was created to help employees think, feel, and work better. Leveraging machine learning and AI, we help employees cope with their emotional stressors in real-time.

On-Demand Solutions

Dynamic content cognitively designed to meet an individual’s immediate needs and long term goals.

Advanced Analytics

Our data analysis measures progress and overall well-being while helping you allocate resources more efficiently.

Powerful Results

Together, we give employees the tools to reduce stress and build resilience both inside and outside the workplace.

Hundreds of videos from diverse licensed professionals

Different challenges require different types of help. Me Tyme experts from the therapy and coaching industry use a variety of modalities and approaches to accommodate different learning styles. Our short, snack size videos provide laser focused, easy to digest advice that can be applied immediately to create better outcomes.

Master sessions to improve emotional well-being

We believe transformation happens when you have a deeper understanding of the problem at hand. Our master sessions provide individuals the opportunity to deep dive to the “why” behind the problem in succinct video lessons with our subject matter experts.

Interactive exercises to increase emotional intelligence

High EQ is essential for stress management and decision making. Based on real world scenarios, our interactive exercises are to help users see how their choices and actions affect outcomes.

Powered by hundreds of experts

Deborah D.
Peak Performance Speaker

In today's world stress and anxiety are part of daily life. Everyone needs an outlet to realign and reset to be able to be calm, focused and productive. MeTyme anchors you back to peace.

Zeb S.
Co-Founder, Lead With the Lights On

MeTyme's unique content gives employees and managers virtual access to experts and their tools to address common challenges distracting the workforce every day.

Mercedes M.
LCSW, Shame Proof Parenting

Me Tyme is a great resource for busy working parents looking to manage their daily lives. The platform shares expert advice on raising healthy children, and supports parent’s emotional well-being.

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